Dry-Wet Vacuum Cleaner 90L

  • This machine is suitable for professional cleaning for example, contractors, car-care services, and factories.
  • This high-efficient machine provides smooth and strong vacuum power with three-high power motors.
  • Beautiful design with large durable-semitransparent plastic tank. Four-wheel base with handle and drainage hose makes it convenient to operate and maintain that are suitable for large-scale places needed.

bitcoin 28000 for C-8025/ 32000 for C-8018
  • C-8025/ C-8018
Tank (Litres):
  • 90L
Air Flow:
  • 120 L/S
Tank Meterial:
  • Plastic
Tank Diameter:
  • 440mm.
Tank Height:
  • 950mm.
No.of Motor:
  • 3 motors (1000W each)
Type of Motor:
  • 2 stage By-Pass
Cable Length:
  • 7.2 M
Φ Suction Hose:
  • 40 mm.
  • Blue/ Yellow
  • Two-Stage S-Shape steel tube, Round brush, Dust-Water Vacuuming Head, Sofa Vacuuming Head, Long Flat Vacuuming Head, Soft Tube, Short Connector, Long connector
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