Personal Data Protection Policy

Cleanetics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. realizes the importance of personal data protection, and have supervision and management of personal information. This is consistent with the personal data protection law and related laws. Therefore, we would like to inform you to follow the Personal Data Protection policy as below.


Personal information

1.1 Characteristics of Personal Data

In this document, “Personal Data” means any information relating to a person that might possible to identify that person either directly or indirectly. This does not include personal information of the dead person.

“Sensitive Personal Data” means personal data about race, ethnicity, political opinions, religion or philosophy, sexual behavior, criminal records, health information, disability, trade union information, genetic information, biological information (eg. fingerprint scanning, face scanning, etc.) or any other information that affects the owner of personal data in a similar way as announced by the Personal Data Protection Committee.

1.2 Personal Data Collected

The Company may collect your personal data information as follows,

General personal information:

(a) Personal Data, including name and surname, date and place of birth, status, information as specified in the identity card and passport; Copy of ID card or ID number, copies of legal documents, or even resume and portfolio.

(b) Contact Information such as address, telephone number, Line ID, email address, social media, workplace

(c) position, agency or organization

(d) Information about the use of electronic systems, including email, IP address, type of browser and cookies, chat history in applications including documents on the computer and Cloud system in Word, Excel or PDF.

(e) Information that you have provided when you contacted or joined any activities with the company, such as a list of trainees, training history etc.


Respecting of the right to privacy

The company respects the right to the personal information of the data that person, and realize that the owner of the information would appreciate to get their data security. Personal information that the company receives will be used for the relevant purposes only. The company has a strict policy to secure in those personal information as well as to prevent the unlawful use.


Collection of personal information

To collect personal information directly from the person and the use of personal information Including the disclosure of personal information, the company will ask for the permission of the owner before or during the collection. If the law requires consent, the data collection will be proceed as necessary for the purposes of those which company expressly stated.

Company may collect personal data obtained from other sources besides do from the owner of the personal data directly, such as from the public media, only if necessary by means required by law.


 Purposes for collecting, using and disclosing personal information

Company will collect, use and disclose your personal information for the following purposes.

  • • For the benefit of procurement or delivery of goods, training and consulting, and providing or receiving services
  • • For financial and tax transactions related to the company’s contract
  • • Research
  • • For the purpose of creating a database in order to analyze and provide any services for company or its representatives or ones that related to the company
  • • For the benefit of improving the quality of operations, services and any operations related to the company’s business
  • • For analyzing and tracking the use on website and the purpose of retrospective review in case of usage problems
  • • For participating in the activities of the company
  • • For the purpose of controlling of accessing, preventing and suppressing harm to life, body or health of you or others, for control and prevention of Communicable Diseases, and for the benefit of maintaining security of the building area, inside the building and the Company’s area
  • • For complling with the laws or regulations applicable to the Company both now and in the future

Personal information that the company collecting for the above purposes is the information that necessary to perform a contract or to comply with applicable laws. If you do not provide such necessary personal information, this may be a violation of the law or the company may not be able to manage the contract or facilitate various operations to you

However, if there is any change in the purpose of collecting personal data after the collection, the company will notify you, and take an action as required by law as well as provide a record of the amendments as evidence.


Period of Personal Information Storage

The company will retain your personal information for as long as is necessary for the purposes of collecting, using and disclosing personal information as in this notice according to the criteria used to determine the retention period, i.e. the period that the company still have a relationship with you as a customer of the company and may continue to be retained for the period necessary for legal compliance or legal statute of limitations for the establishment of legal claims, compliance with the law or exercising legal claims, or raising the defense of legal claims or for other reasons according to the company’s internal policies and requirements.

In the event that the retention period of personal data cannot be clearly stated, the company will retain it for a period that may be expected in accordance with the standard of collection (e.g. the general legal period of up to 10 years).



The company has established appropriate standard, and strict in maintaining security according to the company’s information technology security policies and practices in order to prevent the loss, access, destruction, use, alteration, alteration or the use of personal information without the right or unlawful.


Your rights as the subject of personal data

As a Personal Data Subject, you have the rights set forth by the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 , including the following rights:

7.1 Right to withdraw consent

You have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data that you have consent given, unless your revocation of consent is restricted by law or contracted to your benefit as the owner of the information.

The revocation of consent will not affect the processing of your personal data that has already legally given consent.

7.2 Right to request access to personal data

You have the right to request access and obtain a copy of your information which is the responsibility of the company including asking the company disclose the acquisition of such information that you do not give consent to.

7.3 Right to request the transmission or transfer of personal data

You have the right to ask the company to transfer your personal information that you have provided to the company as required by law

7.4 Right to object to the collection, use or disclosure of personal data

You have the right to object to the processing of information about you in the event of the collection, use or disclosure of personal data about you as required by law.

7.5 Right to request deletion of personal data

You have the right to ask the company to delete or destroy or make personal information non-personally identifiable as required by law.

7.6 Right to request suspension of use of personal data

You have the right to ask the company to suspend the use of your information as required by law.

7.7 Right to request correction of personal data

In the event you see that the information the company have is invalid, or you have changed your personal information. You have the right to ask the company to amend your personal information to make them accurate, current, complete and does not cause misunderstandings.

7.8 The right to be informed in the event of a change in notification of your personal data

The company may review and amend this notice as appropriate from time to time. This is to ensure that your personal information is properly protected.

7.9 Right to complain

You have the right to complain with the competent officer under the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (2019 ) if the Company violates or fails to comply with the said Act.

In the event that the Personal Data Owner submits a request to exercise his or her rights under the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562. When the Company has received such request, it will be proceeded within the period specified by law. In addition, the company reserves the right to refuse or not act upon such request in the event that it is required by law. In the event that the data subject is restricted by choosing to provide specific personal data, it may result in the inability to receive full service from the company. This is included that the consideration of any company service fully providing if the Personal Data Subject does not consent to the information required by the company.


Disclosure of Personal Information with Other Parties or Entities

The company may have a need to disclose personal information to companies in the group or other persons or entities that are strategic alliances both domestically and internationally, which works with the company to provide services or as reasonably necessary to enforce the terms and conditions of the company, or in the case of organizational restructuring, merger or divestment. Also the personal information may be disclosed to government agencies in accordance with legal regulations or by court orders or orders of competent authorities. The personal information will be kept confidential both in the form of documents and electronic data including during the transmission of data at every step.

However, in the event that personal data is transferred to a foreign country, the company will strictly comply with the Personal Data Protection Act B.E.


Personal Data Protection Officer

The Company has complied with the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 by appointing a Personal Data Protection Officer (DPO) to monitor the Company’s operations in relation to collection, use and disclosure of those personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 , including laws related to personal data protection.


Contact Method

In case of the inquiry about the protection of your personal information, please contact the company through the following channels for more information.


Cleanetics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Contact location: 77/42 , 44 Moo 7 , Khlong Yong Subdistrict , Phutthamonthon District , Nakhon Pathom Province, Thailand, 73170

Phone: 087-777-7272,  Email:


Changes to Privacy Policies and Practices

The Company will consider reviewing the conditions of the Company’s policy this edition from time to time. This is in order to comply with the guidelines and related laws. If there is any amendment to the company, it will be notified by disseminating it through the appropriate announcement of the company.


Announced on 15 July 2022

(Polrop Kudeesri )

Managing Director