Upright vacuum cleaner

This high-efficient vacuum can be used to clean various tyoes of flloors with dust control bag.

  • It is easy to operate and maintain, applicable for hotels, offices as well as dry-cleaning fields.
  • The adjsutable-height roller brush is perfect for the carpet flloor. It can help to sweep and absorb the dust better.
  • It can also applied to clean all conners with the accessories of the dry floor niozzle and crevice tools.

bitcoin 14,000
Model :
  • C-8031
Power :
  • 950W
Capacity :
  • 5L
Height :
  • 120 cm.
Function :
  • Dust absorption
Cooling Mode :
  • Cycle
Voltage :
  • 220-240V
Accessories :
  • Dust Vacuuming Head, Long Flat Vacuuming Head, Soft Tube
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