Low & Behold

A specially formulated cleaner to enhance the appearance of all floor finishes. Restore the gloss of the floor. High level of slip resistance and no annoying solvent odors.

Use Direction :
  • Remove gross soils by sweeping and/or damp mopping.
  • Shake Low & Behold well before use and place into a suitable trigger spray bottle.
  • Apply two or three full sprays to a workable area (approx. 20 sq. ft.). Do not spray heavily onto the floor surface.
  • Use the appropriate floor pad, buff until completely dry. Paying special attention to heavily soiled or worn sections.
  • When pad becomes clogged with soils, turn over to clean side or replace with a new pad.
  • Dust mop area to remove loose soils.
  • Rinse nozzle sprayer under running water to remove residue.
  • Store used pads in plastic bag until through buffing, then clean immediately by rinsing with water.
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