Steam Multifunctional Cleaner (20L)

  • This is multifuctional cleaning machine with integration mode of normal extraction and steam sanitizing extraction for disinfection and sterilization.
  • With steam function, it can use to sanitize several types of floor such as glass, counter, sofa and floor, and can use in normal mode for dry and wet vacuum, curtain, sofa and mat cleaning with several accessories to match your cleaning fuction.

Model :
  • C-8040
Voltage :
  • 220V/ 50Hz
Power :
  • Power 3262W
  • Steam Heater 2400W
  • Vacuum motor 800W
Main/ solution tank capacity :
  • 20L/10L
Pressure :
  • Pressure 87PSI
  • Air flow rate 53L/8
Cable :
  • 8m
Accessories :
  • Steam accessories
  • Standard accessories
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