Grandmaid Cruise XS Housekeeping Cart

  • A complete system solution for housekeeping in hotels
  • Durable molded construction with smooth surfaces, easy to clean.
  • Compatible with narrow passages.
  • 20 cm. wheels make easier movement.
  • User friendly handles are easy to grip and help to maneuver the cart.
  • Bumpers available at four corners to protect the walls and equipment.
  • Full size cabinet offers exceptional storage space and adjustable middle shelf.
  • Build-in hook for hanging of various tools and bags.
  • Low pressure structural foam molding technology made Trust product outstanding than others.

bitcoin 20000
Model :
  • W-5051
Product Size :
  • 102.4 x 51 x 109 cm
Material :
  • Plastsic with Vinyl bag
Color :
  • Black Frame with Brown Bag
Acessories :
  • W-5054  Vinyl Bag (Brown) (1 pc/ set)
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