Sweeping Machine with Battery

The machine is easy to operate and maintain. It is designed to professionally use both inside and outside building area with high efficiency.

The side brush at the front of the machine is used for sweeping rough dust and big garbage, and the post rolling brush working with cleaning filtration system simultaneously will collect the fine dust into the refuse bin.

Compact design for cleaning tight spaces and aisles with battery allowing cleaning anywhere, anytime.

Spraying water during sweeping to reduce the dust.

bitcoin 110,000
Model :
  • C-8022
Working capacity (approx.) :
  • 4,000 sq.m/hr
Sweeping width :
  • 1000 mm
Total power :
  • 270W
Dustbin/ water tank :
  • 22L/ 12L
Filter area :
  • 1.5 sq.m
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