Roots Multi Floor Scrubber

  • Multifunctional floor scrubber that can use for clean and remove dirt from several types of floors such as smooth concrete, escalators, carpet, vinyl, granite, rubber studded floor, ceramic, marble, aluminium checkered plates, brick, mosaic, travelators
  • Roots wizzard up to 450 sq.mtrs. cleanliness/ hour
  • High-speed productivity that will wash, mop, scrub and dry in a single pass and leaves the floors ready to walk in minutes.
  • Massive savings on chemical costs and water
  • Wall-to-wall cleaning that reach into tightest corners
  • Excellent maneuverability, no heavy pushing, pulling or lifting and quite in operation
  • Accessible and removable tanks for fast solution changes and emptying
  • Additional information, please contact.

Model :
  • Root Wizzard W 34 P
scrubbing width :
  • 315 mm
Theoretical area coverage :
  • 350 m2/ h
Brush Speed :
  • 600 W
Solution tank :
  • 4L
Recovery tank :
  • 1.7L
Dimension :
  • L378*W440*H1114
Weight :
  • 25 kg
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