High Gloss Floor Varnish & Maintainer

  • This high gloss floor varnish & maintainer is used for floor treatment.
  • The main feature is to highly shine the surface and to prevent the floor from scratches even in dense-traffic area.
  • After product applied, the user can clean that surface with clean water, floor cleaner, or scrubing machine as usual.
  • This wax varnish products can be applied for the various types of floor such as tile floor, vanished wood floor, terrazzo floor, and concrete floor etc.

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Model :
  • PCS-010
Net contents :
  • 3.80 Litre
Use Direction :
  • Wash the floor and remove the previous coating wax with floor striper solution in the ratio of 1 part of solution per 4 parts of clean water. To be effectiveness, it is necessary to trouroughly romove previous wax coating, before new wax vanish applied.
  • Pour the products into the container, and use a clean mop dipped into that solution. Then, rub it on the dry area about 3-4 rounds in every 20-30 minutes ,or until the surface is dry.
  • After final round of wax coating, it is necessary to allow the wax to be set about 8 hours before scrubbing with the machine.
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