“Try the cleaning ON DEMAND experience: cleaning whenever and wherever you want!”

Genie XS is the revolutionary scrubbing machine that can easily clean small, cluttered spaces.

  • ALWAYS CHARGE AND READY TO USE:  With the lithium ion battery, it is ideal to perform many, short and targeted cleaning operations during the same day. No memory effect, you can recharge the battery whenever you want.
  • SAFELY SCRUBS AND DRIES IN A SINGLE PASS: with parabolic squeegee, it perfectly scrub and dry in any direction. The floor is dry and safe to walk on in just a few seconds, preventing the risk of dangerous slips. 
  • CLEANS EVERYWHERE: Because of its compact dimensions, there is no space too small to be clean. It can clean effectively and effortlessly under tables and chairs with moving freely forwards and backwards.
  • ALWAYS AT YOUR SIDE: Small and lightweight, you can take it wherever you need it.

Ideal for fast food restaurants, restaurants in general, self service diners or bars, even for cleaning during business hours.

Model :
  • Genie XS
Productivity theoretical (up to) :
  • 900 sqm/h
Working width :
  • 280 mm
Pressure on the brush :
  • 10 Kg
Solution tank/ Recovery tank :
  • 3/ 4 L
Supply/traction :
  • Battery (Li-ion 36V) / semi-aut.
Machine dimensions (L x h x w) :
  • 555 x 1050 x 375 mm
Gross Vehicle Weight :
  • 24.4 Kg
Squeegee width :
  • 325 mm
Sound pressure level (ISO 11201 – LpA - dB (A)) :
  • <70
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