EX-CAN-57 Canister Extractors -57L

Sleek design and reliable performance in a self contained carpet extractor.

  • This carpet extractor allows for the exact amount of agitation to remove tough soil without causing damage. The ergonomic handle grip and solution controls minimize hand movement during operation and allow for hours of comfortable operation. The adjustable brush allows the operator to choose the optimal brush height.

Durable construction, reliable performance

  • Constructed of durable polyethylene that resists dents and cracks, this extractor is built to last and can withstand the demands of everyday extracting.

Greater maneuverability

  • This extractor is perfect for cleaning in confined areas like classrooms, office buildings, hospitals and restaurants as well as larger open areas.

  • EX-CAN-57
Vacuum System:
  • Vacuum motor HP 1.66 hp / 1.23 kW
  • Vacuum motor stages 3 stage
  • Water lift at sealed orifice 3480 mm / 137 in
  • Airflow through 2 in / 50 mm orifice 101 cfm / 2.89 m3
Recovery System:
  • Recovery tank capacity 15 gal / 56.7 L
Solution System:
  • Solution pump amps .5 A
  • Solution pump pressure 100 psi / 7 Bar
  • Solution pump voltage 220 V
  • Solution capacity 19 gal / 71.9 L
Power Cord:
  • Power cord length 25 ft / 7.6 m, 1 cord
Dimensions/Weight/Sound Level Length/Width/Height/Weight/Sound:
  • L:38 in/965 mm, W:19 in/482 mm,H:38 in / 965 mm, Wt:110 lb / 49.8 kg, 82 dBA
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