Automatic Spray Dispenser with tray (600 ml)

  • Disinfectant/ Liquid Alcohol fillable
  • Durable Touch-less experience: The smart motion infrared sensor provides you a sanitary, no-touch and easy-to-use experience without excessive spillages. Infrared sensor to make a very fast reaction in 0.25S
  • Versatile and long use with large capacity (600 ml)
  • Materials: antibacterial housing to avoid germs stay
  • Spray volume: Adjustable liquid volume to suit high demands
  • Spray angle: Large spary range, liquid full surroud on your hands
  • Liquid tray: This extra part will catch the liquid residual to keep floor remains clean
  • Free installation: Stick it at anywhere

Model :
  • SV-PL151049S
Volume :
  • Up to 600 ml
Product size :
  • L137×W109×H418mm
Weight :
  • 713.2g
Material :
  • ABS
Color :
  • White
Power apply :
  • 4 AA size-batteries
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