Nano Atomizer Wireless Sprayer

  • Nano Atomizer sprayer allows the user hours of spraying time without the hassle of dragging a cord that will save time and labor, and with only 550g makes it easy to handle anyway and clean even in each working point such as picking-up goods area.
  • More efficient: Spray less liquid, and cover more surfaces, and sprayer nozzle can adjust the level of particle size into a micron, covered cleaning and disinfection area with 800ml tank with blue light and anti-blocking design.
  • The sprayer comes with USB charger.
  • Recommend using with ECOLAB 22-Multiquat Sanitizer which does not destroy the surface and not flamable.

Model :
  • N-1913
Solution tank :
  • 800 ml
Weight :
  • 550g
Using time :
  • 2 hours
Charging time :
  • 3 hours
Battery :
  • 4800mAh Lithium Battery
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